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Pastor Mike and Linda Hammonds

Pastors Mike & Linda

Second only to our family is our call to pastoral ministry. We committed years ago to go wherever God would lead us and do whatever He called us to do. In Oct. 2005, God lead us to Denver, CO from Nashville, TN with a vision to expand the kingdom of God in the Thornton, CO area. For 10 yrs. we prayed for God to give us property in the fast-growing North Thornton community.  God answered that prayer in 2015 by giving us 10 beautiful acres of property on Colorado Blvd. just north of 144th Ave. This was just one of the many miracles and answers to our prayers we have experienced in our 12 yrs. in CO.

On Sept. 20, 2017 God answered another huge prayer for two different congregations. “The Good Life Church,” joined with our sister church, “Community Revival,” to become 1CHURCH. Both congregations were 100% in agreement that this was God’s will for our future. This partnership takes us one step closer toward building a new facility on our beautiful property. As 1CHURCH, we are committed to build a facility that first and foremost serves the people in our community and secondly provides a place for us to worship and learn about God’s will for our life. Our mission is to “Love God and Love Others; Serve God and Serve Others.”  God and others is our focus.

We are certain that everything God has done in our life and everything we have experienced, has been to prepare us for such a time as this. We are excited to see and experience what He has next for the wonderful people of 1CHURCH and the North Thornton community. We would love for you to join us for worship on Sunday or any event you see posted on our calendar of events.

Peace and Joy!!!

Mike & Linda